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Lots of network traffic but no downloads
Hi there,

After the last Vuze Update, I noticed a lot of internet traffic after I had completely stopped all the downloads in Vuze. I was surprised because I had gone in, selected Custom in the installation, and specifically removed just about everything that could be optionally removed. Because of this traffic, I thought there might be some sort of dodgy seeding going on, so I have now completely deleted my entire list of downloads from the computer. But still there is so much traffic.

In my VPN software, its telling me that I am uploading and downloading up to 100 kbps.

When I open up the Resource Monitor (Right-click task manager, Performance tab, select Resource Monitor link) it shows that nearly all this Network traffic is caused by Azureus.exe. I mean seriously, what is it doing? Has something infiltrated it? Anyone else experiencing this?

Carbon Chip
Did you install I2P support? If you're not sure then go to Tools->Options->Plugins and look for the 'I2P Helper' plugin.

If this is the case then, as noted in, this may be the cause as maintaining the anonymous overlay does use some resources.
That one doesn't appear to me in my list.

My plug-ins list is as follows:
Azureus Update Support
Azureus Updater Support Patcher
Core Patcher (level=4)
Core Updater
Distributed DB
Distributed Tracker
Download Remove Rules
Embedded Media Player
External Seed Friends
LAN Peer Finder
Local RSS etc. 
Location Provider 
Magnet URI Handler
Measurement Lab (M-Lab)
Message Sync Support
Network Status
Platform-Specific Support
Plugin Updater
Promo View
Share Hoster
Speed Scheduler
Start/Stop Rules
Swarm Discoveries
Tor Helper Plugin
Tracker Dynamic Pages
Tracker Static Pages
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)
UPnP Media Server
uTP Plugin
Vuze Feature Manager
Vuze iTunes Integration 

Is there any way to detect which plug ins are generating traffic?

Probably the DHT then, if that is '100 kilo-bits' a second of UDP traffic then that might be it. '100 kilo-bytes' not so

Disable the 'Distributed Database' plugin if you want to test

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