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Loopback Local Connection to myself.
See attached.  That big block of the same Local connect to the same system is ME. Over night the IP Lease changed and usually I Kick and Block manually.  I have tried with Lan Peer Finder loaded and active, and also with it NOT loading at startup. Neither work. Only Kick and Ban of my own IP.

I keep an eye on that view for over 10 minutes and nothing changed. It is just stuck on those systems it is trying to initiate from Local. Needs a specific timeout for local connection attempts. Not to mention 'Allow multiple connections' is Disabled. So why is it trying so many times to connect to the same system?

As to trying to connnect to myself. Perhaps The Auto-discover External IP in the Tracker/Server could get an 'Update at Startup' Check Box. And then an additional check box for 'Ban External IP'. The Ban would not be only for the 'Update at Startup', but if someone has a Static IP, it would prevent this Loopback connection attempt.

Although, I have thought that instead of in Tracker/Server, that the 'Auto-discover External IP' would be better in Connection. As the External IP is for the whole of Vuze.

If you go with this, I suggest it be at the TOP of the Connection Panel. Here is what I think it sould look like:

External IP address      [123.456.789.123]  Auto-discover external IP   [x] At Startup
[x] Block External IP Loopback Connection

This would still allow the External IP to be set Manually, or Only by clicking Auto-Discover. But also alllow automatic update at Vuze Startup. And optionally Block the loopback.  I say Block, but it is really a Ban. But the user changes or uses the Auto-Discover. It should remove the previous IP block and replace it with the new External IP. Perhaps when adding to the Blocked IPs have it TAGGED as [External IP Looback Block], or something like that. So it can be swapped if the external IP is updated Manually, or Via Auto-Discover.

So there it is. I can continue to manually Kick/Ban my external IP. But hope that at some point the Timeout of Local outbound connection attempts and also the Loopback problem will be resolved. Not to mention the multiple attempts to the same system.

Definitely a no rush issue. As I can see this being sensitive. So better to get it right that rush.





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Is that an image of the 'all peers' view? Vuze should only allow one outstanding connection attempt to an address per-torrent, so if this is the all-peers view then could each of the connections be for a separate torrent?
Nope, that is 1 torrent, Show Details, Peers Tab.
Running over a VPN? I've seen an issue before where VPN connections don't close properly (there is a connect timeout of something like 30 seconds, regardless of destination IP, so they really shouldn't just sit there)
Nope, direct connect to vdsl modem on Teksavvy (using Bell Network). Have never tried VPN.
Ok, 2 more example attachments. I included a larger view so you can see that it is a torrent.  Note the first with the peer list, there are 3 cases of multi connects. Also, look at the seeds/peers on the torrent line above. Now look at the 2nd attachment, it is the Source Tab for the same torrent. Note that in the seeding window the torrent has only 1 seed. But the sources has upto 7 on some trackers.




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That might be because the mlDHT plugin has recently injected its seed/peer results (just a guess). 

Just checking that you're on Vuze 5.5 ?

I assume you're also explicitly bound to one (or more) interfaces given the green routing icon?
Always running latest Beta. Currently 5.5.1_B23

As to Bind, it is eth3[0] as the list is quite long. Felt it was better to limit Vuze to one port and get to work. That and many version back, it once tried to connect to 'lo', so bind has been in use for years.

The following interfaces are available:

eth3 (Intel® 82579V Gigabit Network Connection)
eth3[1] fe80:0:0:0:b106:8ca3:4fae:8707%14
net6 (Microsoft ISATAP Adapter)
lo (Software Loopback Interface 1)
lo[1] 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1
eth4 (Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network))
eth4[0] fe80:0:0:0:d98:2c85:a725:9b7f%16
net5 (Microsoft 6to4 Adapter #2)
net8 (Microsoft ISATAP Adapter #3)
eth1 (WAN Miniport (Network Monitor))
net7 (Bluetooth Device (RFCOMM Protocol TDI))
eth2 (WAN Miniport (IP))
eth7 (Intel® 82579V Gigabit Network Connection-WFP LightWeight Filter-0000)
eth8 (WAN Miniport (Network Monitor)-QoS Packet Scheduler-0000)
net9 (Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface)
net9[0] 2001:0:9d38:6ab8:309c:31c3:3107:48f7
net9[1] fe80:0:0:0:309c:31c3:3107:48f7%18
eth5 (Intel® 82579V Gigabit Network Connection-Virtual PC Network Filter Driver-0000)
eth6 (Intel® 82579V Gigabit Network Connection-QoS Packet Scheduler-0000)
eth10 (WAN Miniport (IPv6)-QoS Packet Scheduler-0000)
net0 (WAN Miniport (SSTP))
net2 (WAN Miniport (PPTP))
net1 (WAN Miniport (L2TP))
eth0 (WAN Miniport (IPv6))
net4 (Microsoft ISATAP Adapter #2)
net4[0] fe80:0:0:0:0:5efe:c0a8:20a%11
net3 (WAN Miniport (IKEv2))
ppp1 (RAS Async Adapter)
ppp0 (WAN Miniport (PPPOE))
eth9 (WAN Miniport (IP)-QoS Packet Scheduler-0000)
Also, do the multiple connections just sit there forever or do they eventually disconnect and get removed? And when you have a number of connections, does kicking-and-banning the IP remove those existing entries or just prevent the build up of more?

Another thing to try - create a diagnostic dump (Help menu, last option) and check the 'evidence.log' file that is created. It should list details of all the peers. I just want to understand if there really are multiple connections or whether or not it is some UI issue
If you look at the last images, those connections are all Local. And yes the just set and never timeout.  I have even seen the IP come in as a Remote and work, while the Local just sit there. Would be nice to have just a KICK in addition to the Kick/Ban, so as to force a disconnect/clear it.

The DUMP is sent.
can you email it over ( - having problems finding it
Sent as attachment. 

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