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Locating Files
I have, of course, set a default download file location which, in the normal course of events is not a problem.  On the odd occasion I change the download location for a particular file but then forget to change it back.  That means I end up with listed downloaded files which I don't seem to be able to easily locate.  I used to use Transmission.  If I right clicked on a file it offered to show where the file was located on my computer.  I used that function quite often.  Is there a similar function for Vuze within the GUI?  I cannot seem to find one.
Have you tried Tools>options>Interface>Tables and changing the "Double click in torrent views" to "show files in explorer" in the drop down window?  Then double clicking your torrent in the library will open it in the location that it is stored in.  Remember to push the save button in the options window after changing any settings
On the macOS Vuze classic user interface version there are several ways to manage the locations of a torrent's data files:
  • When right-clicking on a torrent and selecting the Content tab there is a Show in Finder option which opens the system's file explorer showing the torrent's data directory. I would imagine there to be an equivalent option on other operating systems.
  • Double clicking on the torrent opens the torrent's tab, whose General sub tab also lists where the files are located (alas, the path cannot be selected for a copy-paste operation to copy the path, right-click for the Copy To Clipboard option).
  • If you only care to put the files where they should belong, for the selected torrents you can choose a directory to which to move the data: Torrent -> Advanced -> Files -> Move Data Files...

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