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LAN peer finder with Private Torrents?
I have two internet connections.  Our main connection is via Comcast.  We also have a 2nd, slower connection, via AT&T UVerse.  The only reason we have that 2nd connection is because it was the same price as part of a UVerse bundle as it was without.  I have a seperate computer on each internet connection running Vuze, that are also connected to each other via a local-only LAN connection.  They each have each other's local IP set as an Explicit Peer in the LAN Peer Finder. 

The goal is to be able to download torrents faster than the speed of each connection would allow individually.  With a public torrent, I simply start it up on both, they find each other instantly via the LAN Peer Finder, they both download at the max speed of their connections while exchanging data and essentially syncronizing with each other at a super fast rate over the LAN.  This works perfect and is exactly what I want.

The problem is when i'm downloading from a private tracker (which makes up the vast majority of my downloads).  Even if i'm logged on to the private tracker from both connections, the LAN peer finder simply won't work.  The two computers ultimatly don't syncronize data between each other and there is no benefit.

Any ideas on how I can make this work?  Or maybe another approach I can take to achieve similar results?
If you have multiple interfaces on one of the computers then you can set Vuze up to make out-bound connections on both by setting both up as bind addresses under Tools->Options->Connection->Advanced Network Settings

There's no easy way around the restriction imposed by the LAN Peer Finder - it deliberately doesn't work for private torrents because private torrents are only supposed to source their peers directly from the tracker...

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