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Known and Unown Issues
I just went to peruse the Known Issues page in the Wiki and was surprised to find that the most recent Known Issues are only advised for v.  Not keeping this page (in the wiki) up to date makes the thread  redundant.  (linking not working in text editor!?) 

Next: I have two bugs to report and for other reasons I am back on v.5.7.1. and so I only have limited to exposure to the 2nd report which I have experienced on a friend's pc using Vuze v.

- FIRST report:  this bug I probably should have reported 3 yeras ago when I first became aware that it was just not the way in which I was executing the "retarget" function, so sorry for that, and yes, kick my butt!
- When retargeting files through the Show Details > Files > Rename or Retarget function, the display of the save path changes in the Show Details > Files view  however, the save does not ever display correctly in the torrents view when retargeting via this process.  This still occurs in v. (also this can be intermittent as sometimes there will not be any save path indicated in this view.  I have retargeted hundreds of torrents but have been unable to discern the reason for this intermittent behaviour)
The only way to achieve the correct display of the save path is to remove the torrent from the Vuze library and reload it, then in the torrent options dialogue, choose the save path so that it reflects the location of the files that are to be retargeted and then complete the retarget of the files via the retarget button in the torrent options dialogue.

- SECOND report: In v5.7.4.0 when retargeting files, or moving files via the Context menu > Content > Move data files feature, the Vuze engine decides that the files are not in the place that they should be, as originally chosen when the torrent was first loaded, and will of it's own accord move the data files back to the original location.   This anomaly can also be an intermittent occurrence.   When this happens, the only way to achieve permanent relocation of the data-files is to move the files manually, then delete the content (in Vuze only - hence the reason for moving the files prior to this process) and then reload the torrent and do the retargeting via the torrent options dialogue. 

Oh hell, in for a penny, in for a pound:
- THIRD report:  Ok, some may not see this as a bug, bug for the purpose of the exercise and as it is somewhat related to the previous bugs, here I go: 
When moving data files via the Context menu > Content > Move data files feature, there is no way to Cancel/Undo, Stop, or Pause/Continue this process.  Also, the data file dialogue that appears, not only needs the aforementioned buttons, it also needs to display the progress, either via a bar display or a % or display the file currently being moved.

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