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Keyboard Click Sound Occurs When RSSfeed Adds Torrent
I have been hearing a "keyboard click" type of sound occasionally while my computer was on, but I wasn't doing anything. Vuze is always running on my PC and lots of RSS feeds are being monitored as it runs. The sound is the same as the one that Internet Explorer produces when you go to a new web site.

I tracked it down and it is called "Windows Navigation Start.wav" in Windows\Media.

I have been puzzled by this noise for several months, if not years. It got to the point where I would check what processes were running on my PC in case there was some malware doing stuff in the background and causing the click sound, but the PC was always clear.

Then, by pure coincidence, the sound occurred while I was showing Vuze. I noticed that a new torrent had been added via RSS and it was in the status of "Allocating". I wasn't sure if this was the cause but now I am, as it has occurred at least three more times and each time I quickly switched to Vuze and saw a new torrent in the "Allocating" state.

My only reason to report this is in case the click sound should not be occurring and in case the Vuze program or RSSfeed Scanner add-on is doing something else that it shouldn't.

I've not noticed anything else happening or going wrong when this click sound occurs, but it would be nice to know why it occurs.

- Roger

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