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Java Likely Being Blocked and Metasearch Not Working
Socket Selector open() failed due to timeout. Azureus/Jave is likely being firewalled. I have scoured the internet and have not found a working solution. I checked my java settings. I checked my firewall settings, as well. I use ESET and checked there as well. MS Firewall doesn't seem to be a problem. I am using WinXP and I know that Java stopped support. These errors happen frequently, like 1 every 2 minutes.
I tried doing a serach in Vuze and normally the Metasearch/Browser window is populated with info. My search page stays blank and i get 0 results.

I'm using Vuze
Palemmon Atom is my external browser.

Need some help, please.


I am having the exact same problem, so would be great if someone with more knowledge would help out!?

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