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Is my download speed Good or Bad?
I have been torrenting for around 6 years now and never really found out what other folks download speeds was. I was looking to optimize my torrent client. I'm simply not sure what my speed should be. Im like everyone else. if they I can download faster I want to lol. I found a similer question on a yahoo thread that makes me think I am fine with how my stuff is working. They was acting like 500 kib/s was fast which has lead me to belive Im good to go. I thought maybe it was slow because I never did much to optimize it I just made sure my port was good and let her go. I get on average  on the low side 500 to 800 kib/s and on the high side with a good many of seeders 1.0Mib/s and the highest I ever seen was 2.3 Mib/s. I can post a screen shot if you guys would like. My ISP speed in my naborhood is normaly around 55 to 65. Thanks for the imput guys.
To know your real Internet speed, perform a speed test like It's free and it will tell you your actual download and upload speeds.

To configure Vuze properly you just need to go to Help > Speed test..., and accept, when the speed results are shown, to set your recommended upload/download limit speeds, if any.

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