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Inverted color in Mac 10.10 Yosemite
Please see the attached picture. Vuze starts up and works perfectly fine. After some time, the torrent list view's color become inverted and stays that way until Vuze is restarted. This does not happen on Mac OS X 10.9.4 (with the same version of Vuze, Java, and SWT).

- Mac OS X 10.10 Public Beta 3
- Vuze:
- Java 8u40b07, SWT 4507




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Weird, must be a bug in 10.10 that they'll fix before release, surely!
I just tested with 10.10 Public Beta 4 (14A379b, the GM release candidate). It's definitely not fixed.

I asked someone with access to 10.10 to see if they could reproduce it and they couldn't - how long do you have to wait before it borks?
More than a few minutes and less than an hour. I wish I could be more accurate but it seems random. It seems to happen faster if I have it minimized to the dock (i.e. the color is inverted when I un-minimize it).


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