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Intermediate vs final downloaded files directories and Antivirus
I use Vuze Plus to download torrents, and all my downloaded files are being saved to a single downloads folder. Once downloaded, I manually pass each file through a Mac App called "iVI" - which gathers meta info from imdb and theTVDB, and then re-encodes the video files to a common file type (.m4p). 

Once re-encoded, iVI places all the MOVIE files in a master directory "Movies and TV/_Movies", and all the TV shows in "Movies and TV/_TV".

My question is this..
As a Vuze Plus member I want the Vuze Antivirus plugin to watch the "Movies and TV" directory and it's subfolders.

Since Vuze does not seem to allow downloading to one location, and serving/storing my post-processed files in another location, I'm wondering if there is a way to tell the Antivirus to scan the final Movies and TV subfolders; or alternately, is there a way to tell the Antivirus plugin to scan multiple subfolders and ignore others?

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