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Insufficient Disk Space NTFS/FAT32 Error
I saw someone else post a way too vague thread, maybe their problem is related to mine? I'll provide some more details than they did though.

I'm trying to download a file that is around 7.5 GB, but vuze is telling me there is insufficient disk space and recommends checking out the vuze wiki page on FAT32 file size limitations. "Error: Insufficient disk space - check htt[://" Great, except my drives are all NTFS and have always been.

I'm running Windows 10 Enterprise with the most recent, stable version of vuze. The only thing that has changed recently is I installed a Trusted Platform Module and encrypted my drives yesterday. Prior to that, I enabled RAID 1 on the drive in question, but didn't have any problems with sizable downloads. I have around 750GB of available space on the drive in question. I have three drives in my computer, one has the OS, boot and program files, the other two are the RAID 1 config. with all of my user files onboard. All of the drives are 1TB.

I'm about to start doing the basic things to try and fix. I already restarted vuze and remagneted the torrent, no success. Next I'll restart the computer. If that doesn't work, I'll try downloading the file to my other drive, reinstalling vuze, and kicking the computer violently.

Otherwise, has anyone come across this problem? What's the cause? What's the fix?

I hope that since the time you asked you have found a fix. If not, I admit I don't have a clue as to what your problem might be but you could check how much space Vuze initially thinks it has for the download and see if that leads you anywhere. In the Open Torrent Options dialog you get when adding a new torrent, within the Save Location section is specified how much the selected files are going to take and how much space is available in the volume of the targeted path.

Good luck.
FAT32 is limited to file sizes of only 2GB. You should be using NTFS and indeed if you are using w10 Ent, I'd reckon that would be in NTFS. 

Your data file drives, are formatted in NTFS or FAT32? 

If FAT32, you will need to preserve a copy of your files and re-format your HDDs with the NTFS (New Technology File System)

Furthermore, if your serious about torrenting and want expert help, read the following and make the switch.

Since Spiggot sacked their main developer, these forums seem to rely on the goodwill of ONLY other users.  I suggest you UPGRADE to BiglyBT and enjoy what is essentially the same client with more features, without the bullshit and is in constant development by one of the original Azureus developers.  Plus, there are dedicated support chat channels built into the client and during the install process, you can easily migrate all of your Vuze/Azureus settings/statistics and torrents to the BiglyBT client.

I run over 3,000 torrents, so don't worry, the client will handle your torrents with ease and I had no problems with the migration of settings and torrents. It was all seamless. BBT looks the same as Vuze and it is legal because they (BiglyBT, Vuze, Bit-Tyrant, OneSwarm) are all based on Azureus under a GPL License.

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