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I want to change Tivo folder
I have two Tivo's on my network.   One of them puts transcoded files into C:\Transcodes\Roamio and the other puts them in C:\Transcodes\Series3

I would like to change one of them to point to the same location as the other one.  Why?  So that I can transfer files into either Tivo.  Does anybody know how to change the folder location in Vuze?

That's a good question.  Since a folder is associated with a profile in Devices that is specific to a particular device, my guess is that there is no option within Vuze to change the destination Transcodes folder.

But you have said something that really interests me: it sounds as though your Roamio appears in Vuze Devices; have you checked if Vuze shows up on your Roamio (e.g., in the Now Playing List)?  Is your Roamio icon in Vuze Devices "colored in" as opposed to greyed out?

I ask because I've been toying with the idea of getting a Roamio (the basic one) because of the extra tuners (and then upgrading the Roamio hard drive to a 2 TB capacity), but everything I've read on here and elsewhere seems to indicate that Roamio's don't connect to Vuze Devices any more after some recent forced update from TiVo.

My TiVo HD XL does still connect to Vuze Devices, and a TiVo/Vuze connection is something that is absolutely necessary in my household.



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