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How to uninstall the Spigot malware that Vuze installs by default?
According to Spigot, the official Vuze update now has malware installer built into it.  Well to be fair they call it Spigot "adware" and say you could decline to install it if you had looked in the custom install menu of Vuze.  Ha.  It acts like malware so it is malware.
see this thread:

But having fallen for this I need to know how to uninstall it.  Googling for other victoms,  I see it puts stuff in some key hidden places in chrome (like a Json blob that gets called only when Chrome crashes), it adds misleadingly named innocent looking extensions, as well as changing your default search engine.  Some report that in firefox it actively resists de-install of it's cancerous extensions by re-directing when you try to open the extension preferences.

Vuze is toast I should think if they don't take steps to help people undo the damage they did.
I did a complete System Image restore, from my last Acronis System Image backup.
Well, I'm on Windows and always refused the installation of third party products, including the Spygot, so never had problems, they never settled me without my agreement during installation, and automatic updating is done by jar files, then update is cleared. And I always completely uninstall Vuze to install a new version, reinstall to test other programs.

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