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How to set up seeding to stop after X time elapsed?
I have an excellent ratio on the main tracker I use, so there's no risk to that -- but they still require you leave each torrent to seed for at least 48 hours (not consecutively - can be accomplished over 30 days)

I have my uploading portion of Vuze sorted by "Seeding For" descending... but is there a way to set it to automatically STOP seeding after it hits, let's say, 2d 06h total?

Not at the moment but I can look into it...
In the next beta (B33, see you can achieve this by using a Tag 

Create a Tag (e.g. right-click on MY TORRENTS in the sidebar and select Tags->Add Tag...

Set the Tag to automatically stop downloads that are assigned to it - right-click on it and select Execute-On-Assign->Stop

Add a tag constraint that automatically assigns downloads to the tag once their seeding time exceeds a certain value - right-click on the Tag and select Properties->Constraints... and enter something like

    isGE( seedingfor, 108000 )

The number is in seconds

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