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How to import a torrent file from the computer?
I tried everything but could not get it to load a torrent file from my desktop. 
I searched for Ubuntu and it showed LINK option instead of Download for most results. I had no idea which torrent was legit official build of Ubuntu. 
Looks cool otherwise. Cannot use it though because I need the ability for the client to check for an active VPN connection before doing any data transfer. I guess this functionality would be too much for this basic client. 

Hello Chromaniac,

Thank you for your interest in Leap!

Please go to Settings in Leap and make sure it is set as the default torrent client.
If it is you can just double click on your local .torrent file and you should see the task added in the Download tab in Leap.
We are planning on adding a drag and drop over the Leap UI feature for local .torrent files to make it easier.

Related to the search results, they are a mix of Vuze's Meta Search system(see and Google results.
The 'Link' ones are from Google as we do not have the direct link to the .torrent/magnet. For those results you currently need to go to the actual link and click on 'Download torrent' there(or something similar, depending on the page) to start the download task.

We are exploring different privacy support options for Leap and VPN services are among them.


Awesome thanks. Automated support for detection and configuration is one of the primary reason I use Vuze. Otherwise my needs are quite basic.

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