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How to export a TEXT list of currently downloading files ?
[align=start]How to export a TEXT list of currently downloading files ? 

I guess my question is summed up in the heading.[align=start]Is there a way to export a TEXT list of currently downloading [and  downloaded] torrents from Vuze ? 
I'm using the OSX version.[align=start]
Any help is much appreciated !
I did some searching but could not find a specific answer.

Just in case it matters  why I should want this :
The reason I want to do this is because I want to delete all my currently downloading files that are at close to 0% complete, and re-open / re-add them in Vuze, because :
[align=start]when I first added them, my Vuze client was set to allocate disk space to a freshly added torrent [therefore taking up lots of disk space instantly for no reason]: 
And even though I have changed this setting a long time ago, many torrents sitting at 0% that were added when the setting was in effect STILL have lots of disk space allocated for them 
[even though they contain no actual bits].

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