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How to bulk import from utorrent
I have thousands of completed torrents I'm seeding in uTorrent. I'm trying to bulk migrate them to Vuze.

No incomplete torrents, so that should make it simpler as Vuze need not worry about stage of completion.

All the data paths are stored in

I think for more or less the same purpose Vuze uses

In uTorrent the data files for some torrents are inside their own folder for each torrent. All on the same network drive dedicated to the torrent seeding. I want to keep those paths intact. Just load them in Vuze. It seems like it should be a simple enough task but I cannot find any resource how to do it.

It is amazing how uncooperative the different torrent clients are, considering their background is content sharing. They all act like mini-Microsofts out there (or, worse, like car dealers with proprietary parts) with no set standard like a clear text config file maybe xml or json or ini. Very fragmented community.

Please help. There is a ton of great content I want to start seeding. 20+ TB of data.
I just do not know enough about the differences in the way uTorrent stores that data and the way Vuze does to talk about this intelligently.

In theory someone could write a bit of code to convert uTorrent's resume.dat (and associated files) to a format that Vuze understands but that is just not something I know enough about to even start the discussion.

You would need someone who really knows how uTorrent's resume.dat works and someone who understands Vuze.  The good news is that the underlying Azureus engine of Vuze is open source.  But uTorrent is closed source so it is going to be hard to find the information you need.
(08-10-2015, 11:37 AM)'GaryE' Wrote: The good news is that the underlying Azureus engine of Vuze is open source.  But uTorrent is closed source so it is going to be hard to find the information you need.

Thanks Gary,

I write code and I don't think the open/closed source is the issue. I always prefer open source. I think there are external APIs for both clients without having to mess with the core code. Modifying/forking the code would break after the first update. Exposing it via APIs is the way to go.

I have manually done changes to resume.dat   I have seen c# APIs written to manipulate resume.dat programmatically.

Considering that Vuze is way more robust and written in java, I assume, but have not studied personally, that one could write an app for the import. It could even be a plugin with some UI. That is quite a chunk of a project to take the time to learn to code for Vuze. I have a new job and I just cannot devote the time now. Migration from another client is such an important and common functionality that I was hoping it would already be addressed and I wouldn't have to re-invent the wheel.

I am still hoping someone can clue me on a quick and dirty way to do it.
I hear you.  It would be worthwhile . . . but I just do not know how hard it would be and or how much time it would take.  That is usually the deciding factor if a programming team decides to spend the time necessary.  I do agree that more people might start using Vuze if such an app/plug-in is available.

With more and more people getting fed up with uTorrent it might be a great idea to boost the popularity of Vuze.  But that is very clearly not my decision to make LOL
See my feature request here:

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