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How to Fix Vuze after a System Restore?
Hi folks, can anyone help me?

I am running Windows Vista and I had to do a system restore to solve an issue I was having. Unfortunately when I opened Vuze I realized that this had gone back to time of the sytem restore and none of the new torrents I had downloaded were appearing. 

Is there a simple fix for this  or can anyone lead me to a link that can show me how to solve my problems. Thanks 

LOL, you wait 6 hours for a solution and then start complaining! Did you check the wiki? Its always good to search a bit yourself for solutions first.

But then again, you probably ignored the prompts from Vuze respectively advising you to set up a backup location.
Ok people, I REMOVED all Error missing file on old torrents I had deleted previously before I did the back up and restore. Also removed torrents in the vuze folder that had not even downloaded.

All I have left now are full torrents that were fully downloaded but are not in Vuze. Is there anyone at all that can tell me how I re-add these in Vuze so I can share them. Obviously there is no easy way to do this but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
We all learn from our mistakes, and unfortunately I learnt the hard way. Thanks Parg for answering and giving me the information I was looking for you. Unsure where these prompts to BACK AND RESTORE were hidden but any solution is valued.

Unfortunately I am unable to add my new torrents to Vuze as I don't have the original torrent file, I always delete them so I will have to delete my fully downloaded file as well. It's never easy making mistakes but what is good is learning from them.....


If you don't have the original torrent file then you can't add them back into the library for seeding unfortunately (you can get them back in via but this will effectively create new torrents for the same content, it won't have the same tracker setup and if it has a different piece size then the torrent hash will differ...)

If you can locate the original torrents then you can add them back in for seeding pretty easily (there's a 'for seeding' option in the add-torrent dialog)

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