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How to Change Torrent Order Back?
I've used Azureus/Vuze for years and a few days ago for some reason the torrent "Order" column changed.  It used to be that the most-recently completed torrent file was "1", and the 2nd most recently completed file was "2", etc... and as a new file completed, it became the new "1".  So if I wanted to arrange them from newest to oldest I'd just click so that the columns started 1 to <whatever>, and if I wanted them arranged oldest to newest, I'd click the "Order" column again and it would be <whatever> at the top with "1" at the bottom.

But a few days ago something changed.  I arranged the "size" column from largest to smallest, looking for bloat files I could delete and somehow the largest file became "1", and the 2nd largest file is now "2", etc... and as new files come in, the largest file drops on the list to 2, 3, 4, etc... So all my files are arranged largest to smallest, but the newest files are on top of all of those.  Yes, I know I can arrange them all by the column "Completed On", but that's inelegant and I'd still have to look at my nonsensical and chaotic torrent file "Order" and messed up and for no reason.  And I wouldn't know how this all happened, and I wouldn't have fixed it.

I want to restore the natural laws of the universe back to my Vuze installation.  Please help.  It's driving me mad.  I've clicked and clicked and clicked, and the stupid thing just laughs at me like I'm some kind of idiot.  If I don't get help I'm reinstalling Vuze and seeing if that does something.  I mean it too.  I'll really do it, so don't test me.  This software doesn't know who it's messing with.  Ima real badass.  One of my files is "Enter the Dragon" and I've watched parts of it 3 times.

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Only thing I can think of is the option under Tools->Options->Queue->Seeding

Automatically reposition torrents based on seeding rank

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