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How do I set Vuze Player to full screen during playback?
I am having a huge problem trying to play some of the downloads I have. Half of them will not play in my Windows Media Player, even after I download the codec's for it. I have tried using DivX as well and have the same problem with that program. I have opted to try to use Vuze Media Player, and it will play great! However, I cannot get it to go to full screen. I am running on Windows 8, and if it is not in full screen my computer will go black after a few moments. I have tried to change the setting for the computer so it doesn't do that, but it's not working. If I try to expand the window in Vuze it just maimizes it and doesn't expand to full screen like I want. Is there a way to do this, or am I out of luck? Please help!!!

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