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How can i see the torrents(online and seeding) shared by other peers on vuze?
forgive english and literacy i am a south east asian troll

i use Vuze5.7.1.0/4 az3
 Java 1.8.0_66 (32 bit)
 Oracle Corporation
SWT v4508, win32
Windows Vista v6.0, x86

because i have noticed on the peer map that i have been seeding almost all of my online torrents to a particular nether NL  Vuze5.7.3_B05 guy. imean there should have been no way he would have known where i got my .torrent files right? so the only way maybe is because he sees what torrents i am hosting on vuze? and also at the peer map the I(interesting for the peer) row is marked by an askterix (maybe its somehow related?).   anyway  if this is possible, then how can i view other torrents hosted by peers who use vuze too? because i want to download their online(visible not private)torrents too.

thank you
There isn't a way for a peer to find out the list of another peer's downloads - it may just be that you happen to share an interest with the peer you identified. 

The 'Interested' flag in the peer view is a protocol term that means that you have some parts of the download that the other peer doesn't - it isn't associated with a human-level interest in the download.
Hi "NL  Vuze5.7.3_B06" guy here
parg is right we just share an interest in the same torrents

there are like 4 vuze clients on this particular tracker and i am downloading all torrents from it so you probably see that ip a lot

if you have some questions pm me, and if you have some network issues because of me just ban that ip

by the way
Thank You parg for great torrent client, and especially for the swarm merge feature

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