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Have trouble opening Vuze Leap
I'm here from erli bird, and I've been using other torrenters in the past few years. I used to use Vuze at one stage so I'm happy to be apart of the beta team...

But I've installed Vuze Leap from the email link I recieved. Firstly I can't change the installation location despite changing it in the initial settings. When I try openning it, nothing shows on my screen but it's appeared in my Windows Task Manager under Processes.

I still went ahead and found a torrent to download. I clicked the magnet link and I see the VuseLeap in processes start moving (looking at the memory of course) but no physical Application for me to see how fast it's downloading. Same with downloading the torrent file - VuzeLeap is the default handler, and the memory changes in the task manager but I can't see anything!

I have tried running as Administrator, opening from the desktop, opening from the start menu, restarting my PC, reinstalling, turning off my antivirus and turning off malwarebites but no luck. I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1. 
Hello Akya,

Thank you for taking the time to test Vuze Leap.

We have a fix for the installation location issue and it will be included in the next update.

Related to the UI not showing up, we haven't been able to reproduce this yet.
Any further details related to your system that you can provide might help. For example, is IE working ok for you? Does it load up internet pages correctly?
Leap uses an engine from IE to display UI so this might be related.

Something else that you can think can be of significance?

Thank you!

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