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HOPEFUL ! Zenmate / Win 10 / Vuse issue
Ugh. I had the best, most wonderfully working system. Vuse Plus. Zen Mate Premium (Desktop). I have an ISP that is so touchy, if I even *open* Vuse without my VPN firmly in place, booooogggggg. I LOVE Vuse Plus. I LOVE Zen for desktop. 

Well, hello Win 10 to screw it all up. It's not Vuse, or Zen Mate. Zen is already on second build trying to work around. It's MS - I'm here in the slim hope someone has had this issue and by some miracle fixed it. I've been on all kinds of MS boards, etc... it's just as fixed as the printer I now have printing with a USB cord !! There's just some weird bugs with Win 10 and I so don't want to wait the standard year or two until MS figures it all out. 

PS- I did have another tunneling VPN client thru my University - it *also* randomly stopped working w/ a W-10 update. My University IT department was unable to figure it out. Weirdly, Zen continued to work for about 4 more weeks, then it randomly quit.

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