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HELP using a VPN
I have some trouble using my VPN with Vuze. I have Vuze for MacOS and have the newsest OS and the newest version of Vuze. I can't make things download while having my VPN on.
I also use a VPN and have no trouble with downloads or uploads.  Most of my torrents are healthy with Incoming, PeerExchange, and DHT sources from the public network even though the VPN allows no inbound ports.  I found that kind of amazing, but "if it works, don't fix it!".

Perhaps there is a setting you changed that should be reset?  As I recall (it's been a long while), the only thing I did was to change Tools, Options, Advanced, "Bind to local IP address or interface" to the IP address I needed on the machine.
Are your sure your VPN allows torrenting?  Not all of them do!  Some will only allow torrenting using private sites some will work with both public and private torrent sites, others block all torrenting!  Check with your provider if you are not sure.

This may or may not be a Vuze specific problem.  Have you tried asking your VPN provider for help?

You might get an answer here but you might have better luck if you ask your VPN provider for assistance.  Best to try both places to be sure!

Good luck!
If I just can't start my torrent with my VPN on but if I stop it then start it again after download starts and it downloads fine what could that be? 

I'm using vpn unlimited

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