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HELP needed! NAT test fails... port forwarding doesn't work...

My Vuze stopped downloading! It was working before.

I figured out in the NAT test that TCP port inbound fails with the error (please see below cut and paste).
I am using Fritz Box. I forwarded this port.
I don't know where does the address come from.
Info: OS is Windows 10 and Avast is anti-virus.

Can anyone help? I am really frustrated.
Thanks in advance
Test starting
Default public address is
Bindable addresses:,
2 NAT devices found
    Wireless Router TL-WR841N: address=, public address=
    FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable (kdg): address=, public address=
No SOCKS proxy found
No HTTP proxy found
No explicit bind address set
Testing HTTP outbound
    Test successful
Testing TCP outbound
    Test successful
Testing UDP outbound
    Test successful
Testing TCP port 58989 inbound
    Test failed: NAT test failed: Connection to (your computer) refused
    Check your port forwarding for TCP 58989
Testing UDP port 58989 inbound
    Sending outbound packet and waiting for reply probe (timeout=5000)
    Sending completion event
    Test successful
1 public/external addresses found
    AS details: as=31334,asn=KABELDEUTSCHLAND-AS, DE, bgp_prefx=[/]
Test complete

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