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Get stats from Vuze
Where I can find out how to get the Smooth Up and Down stats programmatically?
The Downloads.config system file, Options>Statistics>Snapshot save file and .torrent file provide all I need with one exception.
The "Smooth Down" and "Smooth Up" transfer rates I still have to copy from the screen.
Does anyone know how I can automate the capture of these data? Where do they reside, maybe as an offset in memory?

Originally posted 29 Feb 2016 under topic "Access to smooth (Up/Down) stats", but no replies.
Pro Forma:
Vuze working fine, all healthy, no NAT or other problems.
System: Java 1.8.0_20 (64 bit),  Oracle Corporation, SWT v4508, win32, Windows 8 v6.2, amd64, V5.7.0.0/4 az3
Windows 8.1, Office 2013, ADSL Router
I'll add them to the snapshot file for the next beta
(03-17-2016, 08:13 AM)'parg' Wrote: I'll add them to the snapshot file for the next beta


Thanks, Parg. You are a star.
Please let me know if I can be of use to you (experience in mathematical statitics and older languages (Dartmouth Basic, FORTRAN, Pascal, C etc.) and more recently using VBA to make things happen in spreadsheets. The offer is sincere. will get my attention!
Deo Winter
No problem, tell me if you need anything else!
Thank you, parg. You are a gentleman. The new snapshot provides the info perfectly.

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