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Frequent but random error (ding) sounds
I'm running 5.6.2.  I may have upgraded a month or two back--probably a couple weeks after notice of a new version's availability.  Something changed and I hear annoying dings. This is not the chat related "occasional" dings mentioned in Known Issues. I found a couple spots under Tools with sound event settings, and they are turned off.

I can't make heads or tails of this. It usually happens when Vuze is the active window. Just now I went to confirm the version and as soon as Vuze was up front, there were 7 chimes (at random intervals) in about 30 seconds. Sometimes if I'm using Tools/Options and looking at a "sub" window at the forefront, the alerts are silent. When I close it, they begin again. They seem to happen in clusters, then may go relatively silent. This happens regardless of downloads, but luckily Vuze is only the active window for short times and this is not too annoying (My Windows scheme actually plays muffled piano key thump type noise, not bells or chimes.  The pre-loaded but non default scheme choice shouldn't affect the frequent system sound events, right?)
For what it is worth (probably not much) I have never noticed any sounds with the Mac version of Vuze.

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