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Force DPI Scaling Issue on High DPI Display
Just started using new laptop with a 15" display and a resolution of 3840x2160.  I have globally scaled up through Windows 10, but it isn't working right for Vuze.  Vuze does have an option to force a certain DPI (Options : Interface : display), but I'm having an issue with it.  Right now I have that option set to 300 and it seems pretty good for most of the Vuze interface, but it is not scaling the Meta search results.  The results are so small I have to put my face right up to the screen or use the Windows magnifier.  I don't usually use the web search results, but that isn't scaled either.  It does appear the Votes and Comments menu items under the Ratings column within the Meta search results are scaled up, but the space alotted for it is still small and the words are crammed over each other.  I'm wondering if theres a way to scale the search results or maybe this is a bug.  I did experiment with various compatibility settings and scaling settings, but nothing changed how the search results look.
I think you may be able to use Control+Mouse Wheel in the search results page (ie. click on a blank spot on the page first), and the font will scale up or down
Yes that worked!  Also the two-fingered gesture of zooming in worked too on the mouse pad.  Sweet.

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