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Fixing incorrect file location / adding files to Vuze
About 20 of my files are coming up with Error: File not Found. I haven't moved them and they are basic PDF files (mainly) When I click on show details the Vuze Name path is USER\AppData\Romaing etc whereas the actual path is the same location as all other Vuze Downloads. I have searched but can't see how I can change this. I have tried Right Click Advanced and Move Files but this doens't work can someone please advise how to fix this?

Also how would I add a file to Vuze, I searhced for this and it suggests Sharing a file but I couldn't get this to work either?

PS Is this the main Zuve forum as the old forum seemed to have far more posts and users?
The forums recently moved - this is the main forum, unfortunately we could not migrate the old threads.

Something must have happened to the file names for Vuze to complain about their absence. You should be able to fix them up individually by right-clicking on a file in the 'files view' (click on the download in the Library and open the 'Files' tab at the bottom, or go to the download's 'Detailed' view and select the 'Files' tab. Then right-click and select 'retarget' and browse to the correct file on the disk. Of course if there's a lot of files in the download this can take some time...

Check out if that's what you are trying to do
I tried this but it doesn't seem to work. In the library it shows the name and the file path which is incorrect. When I click on File it shows no file path (but it does on working torrents) The same when I right click select 'Show Details' and look under Files tab there's nothing and I don't see any option to Retarget (but I do on other torrents that are working)

I tried deleting some of the torrents (pdf files presently open fine) and downloading again but the download doesn't kick in, any idea?




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