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File-sharing my downloads without knowledge
Hi, i was visiting a friend in Germany, connected my computer to her internet, Vuze started and finished the download of a movie during about 15min without me noticing it. Didn't even know that movie was still donwloading. It was supposed to have been finished in France before i left. 

Some days later she received a letter from her internet provider with a complaint for illegal file-sharing of property because of that movie. It was said the problem wasn't that a movie was downloading but that i was sharing it for others to download it, without the rights to do so.... I don't understand how can that be?

All that was done from my compyter is the donwload of the file, but i never shared it or uploaded it or agreed to do so, nothing asked me to do that or if i wanted to do it... I had put all the settings of upload off or at 0. And never agreed to share my file with anybody. So i don't know what is going on and would need some explanations please because there is a very heavy fine to pay now because of this and troubles for my friend and i...

Thank you for your help and your time...
Welcome to the Forums, Baron!

By placing your uploads to 0 you are setting your upload speed to UNLIMITED.  It does not mean what you think (no uploading).  By its nature, P2P relies on people uploading files that they are downloading to maintain the vitality of the torrent.  You are downloading from other users, not some centralized server.  This being said, every bittorrent client I have used does not allow you to simply download and not offer anything back.  There is no easy way to change this and it should not be since we are a community reliant on one another.

If you are going to be a Vuze user, you need to invest in a VPN, period, and then bind the program to the VPN. 

Of course, as a disclaimer, Vuze's policy and TOS does not support copyright infringement.

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