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Error message: File occurs more than once in download
I'm wondering if anyone could give me some tips or advice on how to fix an error message I'm getting when I try to download a torrent bundle.

I bought the Dynamite Mega Bundle (a digital comics bundle) this morning, and tried to download it with Vuze.  However, I got the error message:

'Error: File occurs more than once in Download: (then it shows the torrent location on my laptop). Rename one of the files in files view via the right click menu.'

This error message was probably because I downloaded the free comics bundle first (and both bundles have the same name, so that probably caused the problem), and the free bundle was still downloading when I bought the paid bundle.  However, once the free bundle finished downloading I removed it from my Vuze folder and tried downloading the paid torrent again but I still keep getting the same error message.

Has anyone got any ideas on how I can fix this error and download the torrent bundle?

Not sure it is to do with the free download, sounds more as if within the .torrent file you are adding the same file name occurs twice - look in the Files View and see if you can find the duplicate - then rename one of them as instructed. Vuze can't download two separate files that end up at the same place on the disk as they would over-write one another...
There are no duplicate names of the same file type, but there are some file names which appear twice as different file types.  For example:


Would that cause the error message?

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