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Endless update attempts/messages
So, every time that I start Vuze, it asks me if I want to update to 5.7.4.

Every time I say yes, the Installation Wizard crashes after half a second.

I've had this problem with one previous update, which I managed to solve with some help from here (despite an utterly patronising comment from a Vuze staff member who wanted to blame a Logitech camera program I've had for years and years and asked why it was treading on Vuze's territory, when the reality was Vuze was treading on the other program's territory).

This time around I can't solve it. I've tried turning off the processes I turned off last time, and no luck.

So there are two options - either, can someone help me figure out how to update, or can someone tell me how to tell Vuze to shut up and stop trying to either download the update or ask me to install it? Seriously. I'm perfectly happy using 5.7.3, and if it's not possible to get 5.7.4 to work that's fine by me. JUST STOP ASKING.
Okay, after that bout of frustration, I finally, finally managed to get the update to 5.7.4 to work.

However, the other part of my question still stands: is there some way of telling Vuze that no, you don't want the update that it's repeatedly asking you about? Can you turn it off?
Go back and read that other thread again - you will see that

1) A user has a problem with Vuze crashing
2) The user manages to find out that the problem is with a Logitec Driver
3) I reply saying, in a round about way, that Logitec has no right to be inserting its DLLs into random processes and causing them to crash
4) You jump in, clearly not having bothered to understand the thread, calling me patronising.

And you come back here asking for help, even referencing your previous insulting post! Unbelievable.
I understood the thread fine.

Why does Vuze have a right to insert itself into those places? Vuze hadn't touched those spots until last year. The Logitech program has been sitting on my computer for at least 5 or 6 years, not causing any problems. Vuze changes something last year and won't update. Why is that Logitech's fault instead of yours? You are the ones who changed something in your installer.

If you wanted to clear something up, you might have replied all that time ago in the other thread.
I didn't have anything to clear up, I was ignoring an offensive reply. Move along now,
So Logitech is accountable, but you're not. Okay then. I find it amusing that you say you're not patronising, and then say "move along now".

Now for my other, remaining question: is there any way of telling Vuze to stop asking me about an update?

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