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Downloads appear to speed up but really stop
I have been using Vuze for a very long time.  I have it in the basic mode as I am not very technical.  Recently I have noticed that after about 15 minutes, or if I switch to my browser, the download speed goes way up on the screen but it is not really downloading.  As soon as I go back to Vuze the download speed crashes all the way to 0 and then starts again.   I made sure my computer is not going to sleep, I have turned all that off.

Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this?  It is annoying as I have to touch my computer every 15 minutes to get anything to work.
When you say 'the download speed goes way up on the screen', what speed display are you referring to? Tools->Statistics: Activity ?

There's no way I can imagine that Vuze is reporting bytes being download over the network but then not 'really downloading' (by which I assume you mean that download completion isn't increasing) - the only case that Vuze discards data is if it fails hash checking, or possibly if you have a hard disk error, although if your disk were failing the download would enter an 'error' state and stop downloading.

Perhaps you could post a screenshot?
My normal download speed as reported at the bottom of my Vuze window as well as next to the file downloading is about 500kB/s.  It fluxuates a little from there depending on the file.  In the case of the one I tookd a screen shot of it has leveled between 500-800.  When I came back to my computer it showed 31MB/s.  Not kB/s, but MB/s.  As soon as I looked at the window though it went down to 4kB/s and then climbed back to 700kB/s.

I went back out and waited a little bit and it climbed back up over 1.6MB/s.  I took a screen shot of that.  As soon as I took the screen shot it went down to 400.

The problem is when it says 30MB/s and 2 minutes left it is not actually doing anything.  At that pace the percentage should be climbing a lot quicker but it is not climbing at all.  Not sure why.


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Just to add a bit more detail to this, it appears that the Vuze speed goes way up any time the Vuze window is not up front and active on my computer.  I took 3 screen shots, within seconds of each other, to show the speed way up and then crashing back down.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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