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Downloading of files via TVShows-app
My system:
Java 1.6.0_65
Apple Inc.
SWT v4508, cocoa
Mac OS X v10.8.5, x86_64
V5.6.0.0/4 az3

This message pops up several times a day while using Vuze:

Page load failed with error: Tidsavbrudd for forespørselen.

I wonder why this happens. Vuze won't download files via my TVShows-app either!?


I am having this problem too. I am not finding any answers on the net.

I have used the same configuration for years... this is a new problem

I am surprised no one @ Vuze has responded with an answer even explaining what the error means ???...

or why it's not in a WiKi somewhere.

Thanks in advance to anyone for some attention.


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