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Downloading Metadata
I've noticed when downloading metadata via magent links, that Vuze is very cummberson. If I try to download with bitcomment, they tend to show up much quicker (like a few seconds) in cases where Vuze will time out a few times (meaning I need to refresh the met data download).  This can be from popular sites, DHT search engeins, even when doing VUZE own swam discoveries; I find it easier to copy the magenet link and have bitcomment download, then export the torent back to Vuze. Any reasons for this performance difference?

Also is there a way to extend/cancel the timeout for downloading metadata via magnet links?

Thanks for any help you can offer.
There's a bit of history that gets in the way here - Vuze was one of the first (the first?) clients to support magnets and implemented it via its DHT using messaging within the DHT. It works pretty well. The rest of the clients came along and decided to implement it differently, using normal peer-peer connections that transfer the torrent via extended 'metadata' messages. Vuze also supports this way of working by creating a dummy 'metadata download' to drive the process. There is however a delay (configured to be 20 seconds by default) before the metadata download is created, to give the Vuze mechanism a chance to complete. If it happens that the magnet has few Vuze peers available then this can cause the process to be slow - try adjusting the default: Tools->Options->Plugins->Magnet URI Handler
Thanks Parg,I will play around with the settings there!

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