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Download Limbo and Seeds
I've just started using Vuze the other day and am having trouble with a torrent from the follow source:
It has been stuck in some sort of limbo for at least a day, what I mean by "Limbo" is that it's sitting in the download deck being registered as downloading, but progress is never made and ETA is the infinity symbol. 
I've successfully downloaded three other torrents from the same source which leads me to rule out the source or the file being the problem. 

Now I'm a major IT dunce, I actually had to abandon a networking class a couple of years ago mid-late semester because I just couldn't follow it, but it's come to my attention that a lot of folks who download torrents talk about something called seeds and while I have no notion of what these are, I've noticed that this torrent I have which is lingering in Vuze limbo has none.

I feel the answer lies in this seed concept. Would someone be so kind as to explain them to me or suggest other possibilities? Also what does it mean that my completed downloads are now "Seeding"? 
I'm quite research savvy and I've scanned through the FAQ and Wiki page but nothing there seem to cover my issue.

I'm running Vuze on a Macbook Air with OS X Yosemite 10.10.5
It is possible that the person who started seeding the torrent disappeared and has yet to finish seeding it.  It is a common problem.  Unless you are having the problem on multiple torrents that is probably the answer.  Go back to the page were you downloaded the .torrent file/magnet link.  How many times has the torrent been downloaded?  How old is the torrent?  If the torrent is very old (older than about 6 months old or so) or the torrent has been downloaded fewer than about 5 times the likely problem is that it is no longer being seeded.  The only things you can do are:

1) wait
2) find the content elsewhere.

If you are having that problem on multiple torrents either you have the worst luck in the world or something else is going on.

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