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Download/Connection Issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :D
So I recently started having issues with vuze. I used to download at speeds above 8mbps but suddenly the speed is below 1mbps. Now this may not seem like a dire situation but it is really annoying. I dont know what is causing this. Utorrent doesnt work at all (speeds below 20kbps) and bittorent keeps me below 500kbps. I live in Japan and I have a very strong internet connection. Speedtest puts me at 180+mbps down and 70+mbps up. When I realized my previous ISP was throttling, I switched to a new ISP that claims they dont restrict any protocols. I dont think my ISP or my internet speeds are the issue which leaves me to my laptop and my router. I have 2 laptops; 2012 Macbook Air and HP Pavilion. My Router is Buffalo WHR-1166DHP. I have tried portforwarding but this hasnt solved anything. When I use the NAP/Firewall test to test port 56912 that I forwarded on my router, it says NAT Error Connection timed out. And UDP doesnt work. But when i test port 6881, it works. On utorrent, it wont connect either.

Can someone help me? I would really appreciate it!
I would suggest starting at the wiki's Network Problems topic, as there's a lot of information collected there about how various connectivity/speed issues can be addressed.
have you tried to run a glasnost test?

It will determine if your ISP is shaping you (throttling you if you prefer)

Oh and it does sound like you are not properly port forwarded.  You have to make sure you have forwarded your torrenting port(s) in all of your firewalls which may include:

a software firewall on your computer
a hardware firewall on your stand alone wireless router
a hardware firewall on your after-market wired router
a hardware firewall on your ISP supplied router, modem, or modem/router

Having said all that you should still be able to torrent at full speed even if your ports are not forwarded it will just take longer to get started!  My point here is that the fact that you have (or have not) forwarded your ports . . . in general will not directly effect your speed.

If you find out that you are being traffic shaped (or throttled) here is my standard advice:

first check here and locate your ISP.

then read this for suggestions on how to avoid your ISP's efforts (if necessary)

The words here and this are links ;-)

Good Luck!

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