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Displayed "Users" and "Download Health"
Problem 1.    Since being a Vuze user (3 - 4yrs) the number of Users displayed at the bottom of the screen has been in the order of 1 - 1.8 million. Over the last fortnight the number of users displayed has dropped significantly to 600 - 1600, and is currently sitting at 1550.

Problem 2.    My downloads when using Vuze have always been "Green" for good health. Once again over the last fortnight this has changed from green to yellow and red.

I have not altered any settings within Vuze but have searched the Vuze Options for anything which may assist in getting back to were I was.

If anyone can point me in the right direction to solve these problems, it would be much appreciated.
Sounds like something is blocking Vuze's access to the network somehow.

The number of users is computed from the DHT which runs over UDP. If UDP packets are not being allowed to be sent from/received by Vuze then the DHT doesn't work properly and you end up with a low number of estimated users.

yellow/red torrent health is indicative of no incoming peer connections - this happens if something is blocking TCP/UDP traffic.

try the NAT test wizard (Help menu) for both TCP and UDP

Also try the 'network status' check also in the Help menu
Thanks Parg
Will try to sort it, but am not a real Vuze person. I thought that once you installed Vuze, it kind of did it itself.
Once again
Thank you
If you run those tests and take a look at the results there might be some hints
Hi Parg
Changed my TCP and UDP ports in Vuze "Connections". It appears to be now working fine.

What in the world could have changed to render the old ports being used as useless. Could an ISP change them somehow?.

Best regards

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