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Details At bottom show on All Tabs at each start.
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The details tab at the bottom shows on every tag each time I start Vuze.  While running after I minimise the details, everything is fine. Restart or Start again open on every tag. Would have reported sooner, but thought it was something happening to everyone and someone would have said something. Probabaly around a dozen or so updates since it started.

Oh, the error in the image included shows intermittenly. Not every time.  IE this snip was taken after update to B33.  Did a restart of Vuze and the error did not show.  As to restarts not after an update, sometimes yes, sometimes no.

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Two Betas later. And still happening. B35 still starts with the details expanded on every TAG view. 
Hmm, sorry, just saw this post :(

Regarding the DNS error - what OS and Java version are you running? (Help->About details would be good)

So the Tab behaviour changed? Can't remember what it used to do but there have been changes here :) Do you expect it to remember each view's sub-tab visibility state separately or was it just remembering the last state change you made?
Java 8 update 45. I keep current.

Not the Tabs per say. But on each and every tag, the details at the bottom are OPEN.  Previously it was closed or last state. Now when starting or restarting, no matter if I close all the open details. The details will be Open on ever Tab. While running, if I minimize the details, they stay that way. Only to be open the next time I restart Vuze.



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Can you try the latest beta (5611_B01) ?
Still Opens all Details in all Tabs. See attachment.

Oh, rememds me. Can you make the Archive function remember the original TAG, so on Restore it has both the Restored Tag and the Original Tag.

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#7 has fixed the details opening. Or more it starts them minimized.  Which is better.

And I would still like it if you can make the Archive function remember the original TAG, so on Restore it has both the Restored Tag and the Original Tag.

Otherwise this topic is now closed.
Check B03 for the tag stuff
Thanks, didn't seem right to Archive without remembering the Tags.

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