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Deselected Files D/L Regardless
Anyone know the solution? 
Is it a case of  ?
Could be, but shouldn't. Text only files "Read Me", "torrent downloaded from...." should not be intoduced to a video bundle.  >srt files should. Even a "Sample" file should be read as duplicate, and not a necassary part of the bundle.  Utorrent does not have this issue at all. Deselected files are not read, they just go away. Something in my settings or action is not correct. 
(08-22-2014, 02:14 PM)'parg' Wrote: Is it a case of  ?


Do you really read?
uTorrent probably just hides the files somehow. 

This is how the torrent protocol works.  The data is broken into pieces.  For example let us say that there are 500 pieces in a certain torrent.  To continue the example let us say that each piece of the torrent is 50 kBytes.  Then let us say that you do not want the 75 kByte readme file so you choose not to download it.  Well you see that readme is 1.5 pieces large.  So if the other file which shares that .5 piece is a file you wish to download . . . that file will still appear on your HD but you will not be able to view it because it is an incomplete file.

Again this has to do with the way the torrent protocol works.  There is nothing which can be done.  Maybe uTorrent hides the partial files somehow.  Or you are looking at a different torrent and the piece size in the torrent in uTorrent is such that the file(s) you choose not to download does not span into other files or God only knows what.  Without seeing the torrents in question there is just no way for anyone to be able to give you a definitive answer.  But the bottom line is that this is expected behavior due to the way the protocol is written.

You can rail against the fact that and .nfo files (or whatever else) are included in a torrent . . . but that has nothing to do with the torrent client.  That is a policy decision by the torrent site in question and really has nothing to do with the problem you are experiencing.
You can tell Vuze to put the partial files into a sub-directory although the feature isn't that well tested

Tools->Options->Files: move files not selected for download into subfolder

I think there is also a limit on the number of files in a torrent that it will do this for

Also you configure vuze to add a suffix to partial files in the same config panel

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