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Deleting torrent delete .torrent file
Hi all. Can I say there are some unknown delay & strange behavior in deleting or adding torrent since some betas, before it was fine as I can remember. Isn't maybe activities of attackers? Goverment's attackers?

I was re-add "George Michael - December Song" for example due to error File Not Found, means .torrent file miss, but first there are delay before release disappearing from the list, I was on several occasions trying do delete, and without deleting data and .torrent file, and secondly .torrent file was deleted even so after disappearing from list. Delays also on adding torrent.

[Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:]
It's fantastic, I was trying add a torrent, and .torrent was removed, just gone. Also it won't appear as added torrent. What's actually going on?
Looks like these delays can be caused by scrape feature (lots of torrents in overall?), which I was completely enabled, because there are also delay when torrent just finish download (delay before it complete appear in seeding torrents area).

Paul, can you confirm that in any form? That I cannot add torrent deleted before, maybe, caused by corresponded "active" folder content which remains and keeped, conflicting?

So, which problem remained is deleting .torrent file when adding torrent without appearance of it in the list, without luck.
Vuze will not allow me to delete torrents that I am finished with, either from the library or from the computer. I am using Normally, I delete after letting them reseed for a few months. I think this may be since the upgrade.  any help appreciated

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