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DVD Burning
Ok, Hard to explain this....

I reset Vuze cause was having VPN issues. Works great now with downloads. BUT now when i burn to dvd, it is sucking the MB or GB from my laptop instead of my external drive like it was doing before.  When I pull up a download I sent it through the external hard drive and then when I used to burn dvd's it would suck from the external instead of the hard drive on my laptop, that is not happening now. I know there was a way to change that when burning to dvd but cannot seem to locate that...I hope that makes sense.
I believe it's under Tools->Options->Devices, Transcode section, "Default working directory.."

[Image: 4BKotRB.png]

It will probably only apply to newly created DVD sets, the ones you already created and dragged torrents to will probably remain in the old directory.

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