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DVD Burn Issue?? Please answer
Ok so I have been burning dvd's for years through Vuze. I had this problem once before but can't remember now to fix. I added a movie to burn, it showed up as 4.50 GB which is went through the process perfectly...since I still had room I added another movie (like I have a million times) and it shows up as 0 kb and won't burn anything. I can play the movie in Vuze...I can pull it up to show it does exist and how big the file is  but for some reason it will not burn..shows 0 KB. I tried multiple movies and they all show up as 0 KB to burn....what do I need to do to fix that issue. I know it is not a hard drive thing. Like I said it did happen before and somehow there was something I could do....the error says failed to create working directory please make sure drive is plugged in and that you have permission to write this path... Please help 


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