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Creating a KickassTorrents template
Anyone know how to create a template for KickassTorrents? Mine is not working. It is greyed out with a no symbol when I perform a meta search.
Good day Jfellows35,
Join the crowd!  Kickass seems to be having constant problems, whether it is simply the site (which seems to be down more than up lately, at least according to yellow caution symbols in Vuze.  Usually can still be accessed directly at or that it does not play nicely with Vuze.  You may want to refer to my numerous posts regarding the KAT search template, including considering the clean uninstall and reinstall of Vuze that solved SOME of my problems, but not all.  I have created numerous search templates for KAT following the instructions well laid out by Vuze, but none of them are presently working.  One worked for a week and stopped.

Please note that grayed out and a no symbol could simply mean the site is down as far as Vuze is concerned and may not be a problem with the search template as much as something strange going on with  Also, you might be interested to see exactly where your KAT search template is trying to access.  If it is still, they have moved at least 2 times since then.

Thus far, I have been unable to isolate the problem and no one on the forum has responded to the issue yet.  Keep me posted if you discover anything and I will do the same for you.

I cannot create a template for the new meta search. i have looked high and low for an answer and have no luck. Why can't someone make a template and put it on the current page of templates?

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