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Create New Torrent not allowing UDP Entries
I haven't created a torrent in a few weeks. So today, when I went to create a new torrent after  I found that all the tracker info was wiped. The entry in Use External and the Multitracker list.  So go to re-enter the info and Use External Refuses to use a UDP tracker. Always has before.  In fact I have over 500 torrents running, I checked the sources on over 20 and could not find a HTTP tracker. I have always used a UDP tracker in that field.  Even checked the web page for and it shows a UDP address for the tracker.

So next I thought I could by-pass and use the decentralized. Nope, it disables Add Multi-Tracker.  And as my IP address is dynamic, not sure that is a good idea.

So the question is, what happened to allowing an address like udp:// in the External Tracker field?

It is 'UDP' not 'UPD' ...
Still I was cutting and pasting to the New Torrent field. IE


None of these will be accepted in the Use External field now, but I have used them for the last year no problem.
Fixed in B06, Thanks

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