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Copy Vuze from an older OS X installation
Hello, (again)

I have another question.
I just upgraded to Yosemite and I was wondering how to copy the Vuze app with its config to my new OSX.
I could copy the older APPLICATION to my new one, but what about "hidden" folders? where are the other folders that i need to copy? I saw that in  "/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Vuze/" i have many files... I think i have to copy those too. Is there any others?
Thanks for the help

Vuze just uses those two locations (the .app and the application support one). Your user-specific data is stored in the 'application support' folder and you would need to copy everything to the new installation.

If your user name is the same on the old and new installation then that should do it. If they are different then there may be some issues regarding config data that contains explicit references to the old location, try it and see...
:-) Thanks again for this really clear answer. I will give that a try.
Oooops, the only difference in the user name is the Capital in my name. Is that a real difference for the system or you have no idea? I will still give it a try...
OK, i managed to restore all that. Here is what i did :

I copied the old Application to my new Application
I copied the old config folder ("/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Vuze/")

Then i restarted Vuze but it did not find my old config.
I did a back up of the actual config
I then did a restore of the old config in pointing at my old config folder.

It is now working... thanks
OOOOps again... i just noticed that I need to change the path of where my data are saved because of the change of username on OS X.
I am a new member and would like to post a connection problem I am having. How do I do this.

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