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Console flooding debug messages
Linux Mint 17.3

Like this:
DEBUG::Wed Mar 23 16:22:50 EET 2016::com.aelitis.azureus.core.networkmanager.impl.tcp.TCPConnectionManager$3::compare::138:
  arghhh, borkage

Had this same problem for a few years ago and found a solution then. Unfortunately didn't wrote it down and now even the search engines won't help. I've tried to turn off logging on GUI, as well as upnp etc. but can't seem to stop continuous flooding. So, does anybody know what's wrong here? Help appreciated!
Try updating to
(03-23-2016, 12:06 PM)'parg' Wrote: Try updating to


Thanks for your input! Though, I rather keep the original Mint 17.3 repositories where is the latest version of Vuze to keep things simple, so to speak. What do you think, could debug message flooding have something to do with the openjdk-7-jre java?
Yup, they changed their sort implementation and it verifies more things. Good luck with
(03-31-2016, 07:45 AM)'parg' Wrote: Yup, they changed their sort implementation and it verifies more things. Good luck with


All right, thanks.

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