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Connect PS3 to Vuze?
Where can I find instructions to lync my PS3 to my VUZE? Any help is welcome.

Thank you!
Same issue here. Ive been streaming content from Vuze to my PS3 for years. All of a sudden, My PS3 and vuze program no longer detect one another. the PS3 icon in the left panel of vuze, under Device Playback, is greyed out. I've checked the settings on both ends and things seam correct. The only thing that has changed is that I have recently moved into a new place. I now live in cottage or "granny unit" behind a main house. I have a signal repeater router in the cottage with a separate network, but it is the same account as the main house. Anyone one have any ideas. Any support here would be greatly appreciated.

OK, so what is the big secret about linking the PlayStation consoles to Vuze? There are a few threads asking for help and no-one has replied with a solution that works.

What happened to PS support? I used to be able to transcode files by dropping them on the PS3 device, but that functionality seems to be gone now. Why?

What work-around is there? Dropping files onto other relevant devices?
Vuze and the PS3 need to be on the same IP network for them to be able to discover each other

See for some information about multicast discovery
Notice that I used the word "Devices" a few times?
No, because you didn't
This is the PS3 "device" that I am trying to find.

[Image: Vuze_PS3_conversion.jpg]
I have the same problem :( I've been streaming from my PC to my PS3 using Vuze since forever and, while nothing has changed, it suddenly no longer works and I can't find a solution anywhere
Anyone find out anything? Having same issue.
Hi, I had this issue but I resolved it by going to control panel > devices and printers -> add a device 

I added my console and it showed up on vuze. 


Franklin J Alfredo

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