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Completely unstable after auto update
Hi, I generally like the clean feel of Vuze Leap as the main version was seeming a bit bulky.
Tonight I was downloading like usual, and it asked to auto update. It did, but now after every 2 minutes or so it crashes giving me the following error: (See attached screen)
Making it useless.
I'd like to bring this to the attention of the devs so it might be fixed in the next version, and in the meantime I'd like to revert to the previous version that was giving me no trouble. Alternatively is there a way I could import my current downloads into the full sized vuze?
I basically don't want to lose some slow torrents I've been working days on.




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Any news for these problem?
It's happen to me too after I update Leap yesterday.
I check the update but still no new one.
If I know this will happen, I will not update it...



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Just updated Vuze Leap, got same error...

1. Tried re-installing C++ (all)
2. Re-installed Vuze Leap

did not worke..
i have the same error! what can i do? =(
Same error here.
I have the same problem :(

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