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I noticed that VUZE does not support the codec H.265/HEVC. I do hear the sound but no video. Have to revert to the VLC player.
A solution?
H.265 is getting more and more use but it is hardly popular.  I do not know if/when it will become more popular but since it has been around since sometime in 2013 (IIRC ?) and it is still very rarely used . . . I would not hold my breath waiting for that day to come.  I do see more and more of it around but it is still in the realm of 5% or so of the videos I see at various torrent sites.

I was going to go to a popular private torrent site (with great advanced search capabilities) and check my numbers to see if my memory is correct but that site is down right now LOL

My point is that I suspect (I do not know but suspect) that the developers just do not see enough use yet to include it in Vuze.  But I really do not know.

I can not access that site with the numbers but there was a guy there who is very knowledgeable on the whole H.265 thing.  While I can not say that I remember word for word what he wrote (so I might have the wrong end of the stick) one of the problems is that the standard is still a little fluid -- yes there is an agreed upon standard but it is still changing.  Again I would have to double check that and I can not easily find the information elsewhere and that site has been down for a few hours.  I will try to remember to check back here once that site is up and I might have some real information for you.

In the mean time you will have to wait for one of the Vuze staffers to enlighten us.  I suspect there is a very good reason.

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